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hal-00603697v1  Conference papers
D. BauzaO. GhobarN. GuenifiS. Bayon. Advanced analysis of silicon interface traps in MOSFET's with SiO2 and HfO2 as gate dielectrics
ECS Spring Meeting, May 2009, San Francisco, United States. pp.19-54
hal-00391851v1  Books
D. Bauza. A rigorous analysis of the parameters which govern the SILC in n-channel MOSFET's with oxide thickness in the 1-2 nm range
in 'MOSFETs: Properties, Preparations and Performance', Novapublishers, New York-USA (ISBN 978-1-60456-762-5). in 'MOSFETs: Properties, Preparations and Performance', Novapublishers, New York-USA (ISBN 978-1-60456-762-5), 2008
hal-00391866v1  Conference papers
M.A. NegaraK. CherkaouiC.D. YoungP. MajhiW. Tsai et al.  Analysis of Electron Mobility in HfO2/TiN MOSFETs: The influence of HfO2 thickness, Temperature and oxide charge
39th IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference, San Diego, Dec 2008, USA, France
hal-00391868v1  Conference papers
O. GhobarN. GuénifiD. Bauza. Further evidences that Pb0 centers dominates Si-SiO2 interface traps in fully processed MOSFET's
15th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics, Jun 2008, BERLIN, France
hal-00604563v1  Conference papers
F. DomengieJ. L. RegoliniD. BauzaPascal Morin. Impact on device performance and monitoring of a low dose of tungsten contamination by dark current spectroscopy
(IEEE Catalog Number: CFP10RPS-CDR, ISBN: 978-1-4244-5431-0, Mai 2010), May 2009, Anaheim, CA,, United States. pp.259-264
hal-00147150v1  Conference papers
M.A. NegaraK. CherkauoiG. GhibaudoD. BauzaW. Tsaii et al.  Investigation of interface defects and bulk charges in metal gate HfO_2 MOSFETs
European Materials Research Science Spring Meeting, 2006, STRASBOURG, France. pp.XX