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hal-00149000v1  Book sections
P. Saguet. Méthodes d'analyse numérique, chapitre I
Méthodes d'analyse numérique, chapitre I, Edition Hermès, pp.XX, 2005
hal-00147157v1  Conference papers
L. ZafariJ. JomaahG. Ghibaudo. Impact of Film Thickness on LF Noise in SOI Devices
International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM 2006), 2006, Japan, Japan. pp.XX
hal-00020640v1  Journal articles
Patrick SchiavoneRenaud Payerne. Rigorous Simulation of Line-Defects in Extreme UV Masks
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Japan Society of Applied Physics, 2005, Vol. 44 (9A), pp.6810-6816. ⟨10.1143/JJAP.44.6810⟩
hal-00778020v1  Conference papers
L. Latu-RomainM. OllivierS. DavidM. MartinT. Baron. From Si nanowires to SiC nanostructures
E-MRS Spring Meeting, May 2012, Strasbourg, France
hal-00398361v1  Conference papers
Yannis Le GuennecB. CabonG. MauryD. Bucci. Activités optomicroondes à l'IMEP-LAHC
Journée du club "optique-microondes" de la SFO, Jun 2008, Paris, France
hal-00623448v1  Journal articles
N. ZeggaouiV. FarysY. TrouillerE. YesiladaF. Robert et al.  Optimization of double patterning split by analyzing diffractive orders in the pupil plane
Photomask Technology 2010 Proceedings, 2010, Vol. 7823, 24 September 2010
hal-01067367v1  Journal articles
M. GuennouP. BouvierJ. KreiselD. Machon. Pressure-temperature phase diagram of SrTiO3 up to 53 GPa
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), American Physical Society, 2010, 81 (5), pp.054115. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.81.054115⟩
hal-00494528v1  Conference papers
J.P BoothH. AbadaP. ChabertG. Cunge. CFX kinetics, gas temperature and instabilities in a CF4 inductively coupled discharge
48th National AVS symposium & Topical conferences, 2001, San Francisco, United States
hal-00494552v1  Journal articles
O. ToublanP. SchiavoneR. GwozieckiD. Boutin. Statistical analysis of CD variation across the lens field
Microlithography World, Pennwell Publishing Company, 2000, vol.9, n°2, Spring
hal-00494500v1  Conference papers
E. LuceB. MinghettiP. SchiavoneO. ToublanAgnès Weill. Flare impact on the intrafield CD control for sub-0.25µm patterning
SPIE'S 1999, Symposium on Microlithography, 1999, Santa Clara, United States. pp.vol. 3679, (1999)
hal-00494493v1  Conference papers
O. JoubertD. FuardC. MongetP. SchiavoneO. Toublan et al.  Process optimization of a negative-tone CVD photoresist for 193 nm lithography applications
SPIE'S 1999, Symposium on Microlithography, 1999, San José, United States. pp.XVI, Vol., (1999)
hal-00634124v1  Conference papers
M. SalaünN. KehagiasM. Le GallicC.M Sotomayor TorresM. Zelsmann. Direct patterning and ordering of diblock copolymers through nanoimprint lithography
Micro- and Nano-Engineering conference- MNE 2011, Sep 2011, Berlin, Germany
hal-00625298v1  Journal articles
S. DemuynckH. KimC. HuffmanMaxime DarnonH. .Struyf et al.  Dielectric Reliability of 50nm Half Pitch Structures in Aurora® LK
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Japan Society of Applied Physics, 2009, 48, April 2009, 04C018
hal-00488301v1  Conference papers
P. SchiavoneM. BesacierG. Granet. Efficient simulation of EUV masks using modal methods
Faunhofer IISB Lithography Simulation Workshop, 2003, Hersbruck, Germany
hal-00488305v1  Conference papers
C. GourgonC. PerretF. LazzarinoJ. TallalR. Pelzer et al.  8'' wafers printed by nanoimprint lithography: uniformity and mold deformation
Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technology Conference, 2003, Boston, United States
hal-00669539v1  Conference papers
Corentin ValléeC. MannequinP. GononA. SalaünH. Grampeix et al.  Improvement of HfO2 ReRAM performances through electrode processing
2012 MRS Spring Meeting, Apr 2012, San Francisco, United States
hal-00669548v1  Conference papers
Corentin ValléeP. GononT. BertaudH. GrampeixV. Jousseaume. Atomic Layer Deposition of high k materials for MIM devices: MIM capacitors and non-volatile memories (RRAM)
ALD 2010 (10th international conference on atomic layer deposition), Jun 2010, Séoul, South Korea
hal-00669567v1  Conference papers
Myrtil L. KahnCorentin ValléeC. DubourdieuE. DefayM. Bonvalot et al.  Study of HfO2 or HfSiOx /SrTiO3 and SrTiO3/Y2O3 MIM capacitors
53h National Symposium AVS, Nov 2006, San Francisco, United States