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halshs-01615114v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. Mathematics and the wireless world
Annual meeting of the History of Science Society, History of Science Society, Nov 2017, Toronto, Canada
halshs-01618980v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. Electron theory, ether, and spacetime, 1904-1919
Ether and modernity, Jaume Navarro, Mar 2017, San Sebastian, Spain
halshs-01618994v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. Les modèles de la structure de l'univers vers 1915
Colloque Cathy Dufour 2015, La relativité générale a 100 ans et alors?, Philippe Nabonnand, Nov 2015, Nancy, France
hal-02975669v1  Journal articles
Scott A. Walter. Claudia E. Graf-Grossmann, Marcel Grossmann. For the Love of Mathematics.
Isis, University of Chicago Press, 2020, 111 (1), pp.194-195
hal-01367829v1  Books
Scott A. WalterPhilippe NabonnandRalf KrömerMartina Schiavon. La correspondance entre Henri Poincaré, les astronomes, et les géodésiens
Scott A. Walter; Philippe Nabonnand; Ralf Krömer; Martina Schiavon. Birkhäuser, 3, 2016, Publications des Archives Henri Poincaré, Gerhard Heinzmann, 978-3-7643-7167-8. ⟨10.1007/978-3-7643-8293-3⟩
halshs-00319208v1  Journal articles
Scott Walter. Hermann Minkowski's approach to physics
Mathematische Semesterberichte, 2008, 55 (2), pp.213-235. ⟨10.1007/s00591-008-0044-4⟩
halshs-00377077v1  Journal articles
Scott Walter. Henri Poincaré et l'espace-temps conventionnel
Cahiers de philosophie de l'université de Caen, 2008, 45, pp.87-119
halshs-01234431v1  Book sections
Scott Walter. Hypothesis and Convention in Poincaré’s Defense of Galilei Spacetime
Michael Heidelberger, Gregor Schiemann. The Significance of the Hypothetical in the Natural Sciences, Walter de Gruyter, pp.193-219, 2009, ⟨10.1515/9783110210620.193⟩
hal-01879025v1  Book sections
Scott A. Walter. Figures of light in the early history of relativity (1905-1914)
David E. Rowe; Tilman Sauer; Scott A. Walter. Beyond Einstein: Perspectives on Geometry, Gravitation, and Cosmology in the Twentieth Century, 14, Birkhäuser, pp.3-50, 2018, Einstein Studies, 978-1-4939-7706-2. ⟨10.1007/978-1-4939-7708-6_1⟩
halshs-01618959v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. The theory of wireless devices, 1906-1922
Interactions of interwar physics, Karl Hall, Dec 2016, Budapest, Hungary
halshs-01618992v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. Poincaré on clocks and radio waves in the ether
Session Sa4, New perspectives on the ether in early twentieth-century physics and art, Annual Meeting, History of Science Society, San Francisco, History of Science Society, Nov 2015, San Francisco, United States
halshs-00266511v1  Book sections
Scott A. Walter. Poincaré, Jules Henri French mathematician and scientist
Noretta Koertge. New Dictionary of Scientific Biography, Volume 6, Charles Scribner's Sons, pp.121-125, 2007
halshs-00138004v1  Journal articles
Scott Walter. Henri Poincaré's student notebooks, 1870-1878
Philosophia Scientiae, 1996, 1, pp.1-17
halshs-01234449v1  Book sections
Scott Walter. The Historical Origins of Spacetime
Abhay Ashtekar, V. Petkov. The Springer Handbook of Spacetime, Springer, pp.27-38, 2014, ⟨10.1007/978-3-662-46035-1_2⟩
halshs-01234459v1  Journal articles
Scott A. Walter. Poincaré on clocks in motion
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 2014, 47 (1), pp.131-141. ⟨10.1016/j.shpsb.2014.01.003⟩
halshs-01234447v1  Book sections
Scott Walter. Henri Poincaré, theoretical physics, and relativity theory in Paris
Karl-Heinz Schlote, Martina Schneider. Mathematics Meets Physics, Harri Deutsch, pp.213-239, 2011
hal-01879022v1  Book sections
Scott A. Walter. Ether and electrons in relativity theory (1900-1911)
Jaume Navarro. Ether and Modernity: The Recalcitrance of an Epistemic Object in the Early Twentieth Century, Oxford University Press, 2018, 9780198797258
halshs-00153376v1  Book sections
Scott Walter. Henri Poincaré and the theory of relativity
Renn, Jürgen. Albert Einstein, Chief Engineer of the Universe: 100 Authors for Einstein, Wiley-VCH, pp.162-165, 2005
halshs-00319209v1  Journal articles
Scott A. Walter. Hermann Minkowski and the scandal of spacetime
ESI News, 2008, 3 (1), pp.6-8
halshs-01619032v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. L'ordre rationnel contre l'ordre logique au début du XXe siècle : Poincaré lecteur de Cournot
La transversalité de la notion d’ordre au XIXe siècle : Sciences, philosophie et art, Jenny Boucard, Jun 2015, Nantes, France
halshs-01619033v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. Science and technology in Göttingen's golden era: the first Wolfskehl lectures
A richer picture of mathematics: a symposium in honor of Professor David Rowe, Tilman Sauer, May 2016, Mayence, Germany
halshs-01619038v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. Radio telemetry and the birth of spacetime conventionalism
Fourth Physics and Philosophy Conference, Berislav Zarnic, Jul 2015, Split, Croatia
hal-01615124v1  Conference papers
Scott A. Walter. French projects in digital epistemology and history of science and technology
. Annual meeting of the Digital History and Philosophy of Science consortium: "Varieties of digital history and philosophy of science", University of Oklahoma, Aug 2016, Norman, United States
hal-02082996v1  Book sections
Scott A. Walter. Poincaré-Week in Göttingen, in Light of the Hilbert-Poincaré Correspondence of 1908–1909
Borgato, Maria Teresa; Neuenschwander, Erwin; Passeron, Irène. Mathematical Correspondences and Critical Editions, Springer, pp.297-310, 2019, 978-3-319-73577-1. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-73577-1_15⟩
halshs-00138006v1  Book sections
Scott Walter. Breaking in the 4-vectors: the four-dimensional movement in gravitation, 1905-1910
Renn, Jürgen and Schemmel, Matthias. The Genesis of General Relativity, Volume 3, 3, Springer, pp.193-252, 2007