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Publications of the AUTomatic control (AUT) team of IETR

The team is located on the Rennes campus of CentraleSupélec.

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ADMM A globally convergent estimator Alimentation électrique Adjoint model Parameter Estimation System Engineering Safety Capteurs AMDEC Adaptive Cruise Control Bio-procédés et science du vivant Battery Least squares Biomedical Systems Model predictive control Complex Systems Complex System Nonlinear systems Systèmes hybrides Bipedal gait Large scale optimization problems Glycemia Automates programmables industriels Sensor-augmented pump therapy Commande distribuée Aiming Biomedical systems modeling Commande Prédictive Commande et optimisation des systèmes linéaires Commande automatique Nonlinear Systems String stability Energy storage Bâtiment Bond-graph Boucle fermée Artificial pancreas Channel estimation Inverted pendulum Automotive vehicle dynamics Hybrid systems Tumor growth modeling LMI Building Energy Management System Requirements Differentiator Compensating for disturbances Type 1 diabetes Intelligent Transportation Systems Appareils de mesure électriques System engineering Analyse de stabilité Energy management Computational modeling Building control Closed-loop glucose control Adaptive FIR filter Buildings Closed-loop control Closed Loop Control Appareils et matériel de commande automatique Commande prédictive Atteignabilité Cardiac resynchronization therapy Maximum Likelihood Switched systems EIA-632 Analyse formelle Adaptive estimation Extended Kalman Filter Tumor Growth Modeling Electric power systems Alimentation en énergie Modélisation Stabilization Diabetes Comparative studies Artificial Pancreas Reactive power Closed loop Commande Prédictive Hiérarchisée Bond graph Commande Hybride Identification Voltage stability Robust control Automation Parameter estimation Commande par mode glissant Bâtiments Biomedical model simulation Building Energy Management Systems Optimization Velocity estimation Closed-loop Control Arbres de Défaillances Close Loop Control Commutation cells Maximum likelihood Adaptive control