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Water diffusion Virtual fields method Structure Fretting-corrosion Intrinsic dissipation Strain-induced crystallization Modeling Nitrile rubber Temperature effects Identification Stress corrosion parameter Glass Atomic force microscopy Fissuration Thermoelastic coupling Amorphous materials Viscosity Silicon oxycarbide Crystallinity Densification Design of experiments Chalcogenide glass Stress-induced crystallization Composite materials Experimental mechanics Inorganic oxide glass Reinforcement Smart composite materials Glass transition Optical fiber Laser shock Crack growth Fracture toughness Digital image correlation Plasticity Crystallization Elasticity Poisson's ratio Spherical indentation Cracking Mechanical behavior Thermoelastic stress analysis Automotive sensors Pull-out test Fracture Chalcogenide glasses Inverse identification Spall fracture Lifetime reinforcement Temperature Bending test Leather Optical fibers Strain rate Fretting corrosion Copper Fatigue Interfacial adhesion Activation volume Aging Mechanical dissipation Hardness Fibers Toughness Calorimetry Coating Surface roughness Dynamic fracture Hyperelasticity Borate Mechanical properties Heat source reconstruction Rubber Automotive connectors Hysteresis Verre Elastic moduli Grinding Shock waves Infrared thermography Chalcogenide Viscoelasticity Creep Indentation Nanoindentation Optical properties Damage Response surface methodology Aluminum alloy Constitutive models Bending tests Contact voltage Natural rubber Contact resistance Fiber strength Thin films Quantitative calorimetry Elastomer Glasses Anelasticity