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hal-00458120v1  Conference papers
Pascal AndréGilles ArdourelChristian Attiogbé. Behavioural Verification of Service Composition
ICSOC Workshop on Engineering Service Compositions, WESC'05, 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Netherlands. pp.77--84
hal-00457842v1  Conference papers
Abdelaziz GacemiAbdelhak-Djamel SeriaiMourad Oussalah. Separation of concerns in software architecture level via a multiviews description
The IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI 2004), 2004, United States. pp.60-65
hal-00444072v1  Journal articles
Christian Attiogbé. Analyzing the Readers/Writers System Using the B Theorem Prover
GESTS International Transaction on Computer Science and Engineering, 2005, 7 (1), pp.87--98
hal-00457853v1  Conference papers
Mourad OussalahDalila Tamzalit. A Conceptualization of OO evolution
The 9th International Conference of Object-Oriented Information Systems (OOIS'03), 2003, Geneva, Switzerland, Switzerland. pp.274--278
hal-00458163v1  Conference papers
Christian AttiogbéPascal PoizatGwen Salaün. Integration of Formal Datatypes within State Diagrams
Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering, 6th International Conference, FASE 2003, 2003, Genova, Italy, Italy. pp.341--355
hal-00444069v1  Journal articles
Pascal AndréJean-Claude Royer. Un point de vue sur les méthodes formelles à Objets
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série L'Objet : logiciel, bases de données, réseaux, Hermès-Lavoisier, 1996, 2 (4), pp.5-12
hal-00458199v1  Conference papers
Christian AttiogbéPascal PoizatGwen Salaün. Intégration de données formelles dans les diagrammes d'états d'UML
Approches Formelles dans l'Assistance au Développement de Logiciels, AFADL'2003, 2003, Toulouse, France. pp.3--17
hal-00446422v1  Journal articles
Adel SmedaTahar KhammaciMourad Oussalah. Meta Architecting: Toward a New Generation of Architecture Description Languages
Journal of Computer Science, Science Publications, 2005, 1 (4), pp.454--460
hal-00446416v1  Journal articles
Adel SmedaMourad OussalahTahar Khammaci. A Multi-Paradigm Approach to Describe Complex Software System
WSEAS Transactions on Computers, World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), 2004, 3 (4), pp.936--941
hal-00457854v1  Conference papers
Nassima SadouDalila TamzalitMourad Oussalah. A Software Architecture Evolution : Description and Management Process
The International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice (SERP'05), 2005, Las Vegas, USA, United States. pp.368--374
hal-00458165v1  Conference papers
Christian Attiogbé. Practical Combination of Theorem Proving and Model Checking for the Multi-facet Analysis
31st Annual Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Informatics, SOFSEM'05, 2005, Liptovsky Jan, Slovakia, Slovakia. pp.1--10
hal-00457852v1  Conference papers
Mourad OussalahAdel SmedaTahar Khammaci. Software Connectors Reuse in Component-Based Systems
The IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI'03), 2003, Las Vegas, NV, USA, United States. pp.543--550
hal-00421160v1  Conference papers
J. Christian Attiogbe. Mechanization of an Integrated Approach: Shallow Embedding into SAL/PVS
4th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM'2002, Oct 2002, Shanghai, China. pp.120-131, ⟨10.1007/3-540-36103-0_15⟩
hal-00446415v1  Journal articles
Mourad OussalahNassima SadouDalila Tamzalit. An Architecture-based Model for Software Evolution
WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), 2004, 1 (67), pp.1713--1720
hal-00458121v1  Conference papers
Pascal AndréGilles ArdourelChristian AttiogbéHenri HabriasCédric Stoquer. Vérification de conformité des interactions entre composants
LMO Workshop (Objets, Composants et Modèles), OCM'05, 2005, Berne, Suisse, Suisse. pp.1-6
hal-00458200v1  Conference papers
Christian Attiogbé. Systematic Derivation of a Validation Model from a Rule-oriented Model: A System Validation Case Study using PROMELA/SPIN
4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications, ICTTA'04, 2004, Damscus, Syria, Syria. pp.581 -- 587
hal-00457832v1  Conference papers
Adel AltiTahar Khammaci. Transformation des concepts architecturaux en UML 2.0
Congrès International en Informatique Appliqué, 2005, Bordj Bou Arréridj, Algérie, Algérie. pp.195--201
hal-00421162v1  Conference papers
J. Christian Attiogbe. A Mechanically Proved Development Combining B Abstract Systems and Spin
Fourth International Conference on Quality Software QSIC'2004, Sep 2004, Braunschweig, Germany. pp.42 - 49, ⟨10.1109/QSIC.2004.1357943⟩
hal-00451468v1  Conference papers
Gilles ArdourelMarianne Huchard. AGATE, Access Graph bAsed Tools for handling Encapsulation
Automated Software Engineering 2001 (ASE 2001), Nov 2001, San Diego, California, United States. pp.311--314
hal-00484104v1  Conference papers
Dalila TamzalitMourad Oussalah. From Object Evolution to Object Emergence
Proceedings of the eighth international conference on Information and knowledge management, Nov 1999, Kansas City, United States. pp.514--521