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hal-00625549v1  Conference papers
Quentin BarthélemyAnthony LarueAurélien MayoueDavid MercierJerome I. Mars. Apprentissage de Dictionnaires Multivariés et Décomposition Parcimonieuse Invariante par Translation et par Rotation 2D
GRETSI 2011 - XXIIIème Colloque francophone de traitement du signal et des images, Sep 2011, Bordeaux, France. pp.ID134
cea-03593229v1  Conference papers
Rui AndradeSandra Garcia RodriguezIsabel PraçaZita Vale. A two tier architecture for Local Energy Market Simulation and Control
18th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, PAAMS 2020, Oct 2020, L'Aquila, France. pp.302-313, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-51999-5_25⟩
hal-03142810v1  Conference papers
Arnaud Grivet SébertNicolas MaudetPatrice PernyPaolo Viappiani. Rank Aggregation by Dissatisfaction Minimisation in the Unavailable Candidate Model
20th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2021), International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (IFAAMAS), May 2021, Online, United Kingdom. pp.1518-1520, ⟨10.5555/3463952.3464145⟩
hal-03102722v1  Conference papers
Ismaïl BaajJean-Philippe PoliWassila Ouerdane. Some insights Towards a Unified Semantic Representation of Explanation for eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)
The 1st workshop on Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence (NL4XAI), Oct 2019, Tokyo, Japan. pp.14-19, ⟨10.18653/v1/W19-8404⟩
hal-03408909v1  Conference papers
Ismaïl BaajJean-Philippe PoliWassila OuerdaneNicolas Maudet. Min-max inference for Possibilistic Rule-Based System
2021 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), Jul 2021, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. pp.9494506, ⟨10.1109/FUZZ45933.2021.9494506⟩
cea-01809219v1  Conference papers
Jean-Philippe PoliLaurence BoudetBruno EspinosaLaurence Cornez. Online fuzzy temporal operators for complex system monitoring
ISIPTA '17 and ECSQARU 2017 - 14th European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning and Uncertainty, Jul 2017, Lugano, Switzerland. pp.375-384, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-61581-3_34⟩
hal-00660964v1  Conference papers
Laurence BoudetPierrick Bruneau. MétéoPrédict : prédictions de variables météorologiques à partir de mesures locales.
RFIA 2012 (Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle), Jan 2012, Lyon, France. pp.978-2-9539515-2-3
hal-01187517v1  Journal articles
Quentin BarthélemyAnthony LarueJerome I. Mars. Color Sparse Representations for Image Processing: Review, Models, and Prospects
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2015, 24 (11), pp.3978-3989. ⟨10.1109/TIP.2015.2458175⟩
cea-01843181v1  Conference papers
Maxime SangnierJérôme GauthierA. Rakotomamonjy. Early and reliable event detection using proximity space representation
ICML 2016 - 33rd International Conference on Machine Learning, Jun 2016, New York, United States. pp.2310-2319
hal-00678446v2  Journal articles
Quentin BarthélemyAnthony LarueAurélien MayoueDavid MercierJerome I. Mars. Shift & 2D Rotation Invariant Sparse Coding for Multivariate Signals
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2012, 60 (4), pp.1597-1611. ⟨10.1109/TSP.2012.2183129⟩
hal-01890364v1  Conference papers
Jean-Philippe PoliJean-Paul Laurent. Touch interface for guided authoring of expert systems rules
2016 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), Jul 2016, Vancouver, Canada. pp.7737906, ⟨10.1109/FUZZ-IEEE.2016.7737906⟩
cea-01992352v1  Conference papers
Arnaud Grivet SébertJean-Philippe Poli. Vers la classification de matériaux à partir de compositions chimiques incertaines
LFA 2017 - 26e Rencontres francophones sur la Logique Floue et ses Applications, Oct 2017, Amiens, France
cea-03402616v1  Conference papers
Ismaïl BaajJean-Philippe PoliWassila OuerdaneNicolas Maudet. Inférence min-max pour un système à base de règles possibilistes
Rencontres francophones sur la logique floue et ses applications, Université de la Sorbonne, Oct 2021, Paris, France. pp.233-240
cea-03616377v1  Conference papers
Hiba HajriJean-Philippe PoliLaurence Boudet. Towards monotonous functions approximation from few data with Gradual Generalized Modus Ponens: application to materials science
IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, Nov 2021, Washington (virtual conference), United States. pp.796-800, ⟨10.1109/ICTAI52525.2021.00127⟩
hal-01890333v1  Conference papers
Jean-Philippe PoliLaurence BoudetDavid Mercier. Online temporal reasoning for event and data streams processing
2016 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), Jul 2016, Vancouver, Canada. pp.7737974, ⟨10.1109/FUZZ-IEEE.2016.7737974⟩
tel-03184811v1  Theses
Noëlie Cherrier. Interpretable machine learning for CLAS12 data analysis
High Energy Physics - Experiment [hep-ex]. Université Paris-Saclay, 2021. English. ⟨NNT : 2021UPASP017⟩
hal-03384439v1  Conference papers
Arnaud Grivet SébertNicolas MaudetPatrice PernyPaolo Viappiani. Preference Aggregation in the Generalised Unavailable Candidate Model
7th International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory, University of Toulouse, Nov 2021, Toulouse, France. pp.35-50, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-87756-9_3⟩
hal-00221535v1  Conference papers
Vincent VigneronAlexandre FayolleJean-Marc MartinezAnne-Catherine SimonRobert Junca et al.  Neuronal algorithms for full information spectral analysis
18th Annual ESARDA Symposium on Safeguards and Nuclear Material Managements, Nov 1996, Ispra, Italy
hal-00625352v1  Conference papers
Quentin BarthélemyAnthony LarueAurélien MayoueDavid MercierJerome I. Mars. Multivariate dictionary learning and shift & 2D rotation invariant sparse coding
SSP 2011 - 2011 IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, Jun 2011, Nice, France. pp.649-652, ⟨10.1109/SSP.2011.5967783⟩
hal-00741218v2  Conference papers
Hélène Le CadreCédric Auliac. Energy Demand Prediction in a Charge Station: A Comparison of Statistical Learning Approaches
European Electric Vehicle Congress 2012, Nov 2012, Bruxelles, Belgium
hal-00730423v1  Conference papers
Aurélien MayoueQuentin BarthélemySébastien OnisAnthony Larue. Preprocessing for classification of sparse data: application to trajectory recognition
2012 IEEE workshop on Statistical Signal Processing (SSP 2012), Aug 2012, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. pp.37-40, ⟨10.1109/SSP.2012.6319709⟩
hal-01374265v1  Conference papers
Valentin GenuerOlivier GalJérémy MéteauPierre MarcouxEmmanuelle Schultz et al.  Optical elastic scattering for early label-free identification of clinical pathogens
SPIE BiOS - Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic and Surgical Guidance Systems, Feb 2016, san francisco, United States. pp.96980 - 96981, ⟨10.1117/12.2211021⟩