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Department 5: Complex Systems & Artificial Intelligence

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Big Data Musculoskeletal model Multi-model Data mining Artificial Intelligence Modélisation Clustering Reinforcement Learning Natural language processing NLP Electroencephalography Semantic filtering Digital Document Human-robot interaction Propofol Machine learning Digitalization EPortfolio BCI Markov decision processes Brain-Computer Interface Neural networks Behavioral diversity Ergonomics Apprentissage CASP User Modeling Auto-organisation Anesthésie générale Big data Automatic indexing Robotics Cellular automata Pattern mining Motor imagery Archives and Management of Cultural Patrimony Central pattern generator Recurrence analysis Sequential pattern mining Brain-computer interface CAPRI Fouille de données Hippocampus Memory Recommender system Knowledge representation and Semantic Web Interfaces cerveau-ordinateur Parkinson's disease Bistability Aerodynamics CSP Algorithme Evolutionary robotics Co-simulation Exploration Higher education Traces Prediction Bioinformatics Time-frequency representation Collective Intelligence and Media Intraoperative awareness General anesthesia EEG Collective motion DEVS Exoskeleton Diversité Mémoire Interactive adaptive system Protein docking MAP-Elites Cognitive observations Diversity Recommender systems Artificial intelligence Multi-agent Interaction E-Learning and Virtual Libraries Median nerve stimulation Robustness Recommender Systems Quality diversity Asynchronous cellular automata Robotique Ontology Informational and technological watch Brain-Computer Interfaces Hippocampe Collaborative filtering Systèmes de recommandation Computational neuroscience Intelligence artificielle Community Manager Illumination algorithms Wearable sensors Decision tree Trust Simulation Information and Communication Technologies Neuroevolution